Jacuzzi Walk in Tub

The bathroom is often one of the most dreaded rooms in a home, particularly for the elderly. With a Jacuzzi walk in tub, however, you can transform your bathroom into a safe haven of comfort and relaxation. These walk-in tubs are designed with hydrotherapy to help transform bathing into a refreshing, even health-inducing experience. With this kind of walk in tub, your bathing experience becomes a pleasure rather than a hassle.

Although Jacuzzi is most popular for hot tubs, they also make walk in tubs with a strong emphasis on safety. Using conventional tubs can be risky for anyone. Bathroom slips and falls are responsible for many serious injuries and even deaths every year. For seniors, that risk is there not only due to lack of concentration, but significantly as their mobility continues to deteriorate with age. Tens of thousands of people turn 65 each day in the United States and over 30 percent of these seniors experience falls every year. The modern walk-in tubs blend the trademark Jacuzzi comfort with exceptional safety features such as a raised seat, inbuilt grab bars, leak proof bathtub door, anti-scald water heat protection and quality anti-skid floor.

Jacuzzi walk in tubs offer several health benefits that can enhance the quality of your life. The water and air jets of these walk in tubs can help relieve the symptoms of back problems, arthritis, diabetes, circulatory diseases, muscle cramps, weakness, osteoarthritis, injuries and other problems. The adjustable jets and hydro-massage system of these tubs can help ease back pain and enhance flexibility in the muscles.

The air massage design offers then therapy of numerous massages throughout the body with the ideal preheated temperature to gradually ease pain from various parts of your body. In addition to pain relief and relaxation, the movements can also reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation while supporting your immune system. The combination of whirlpool jets, weightlessness, and massaging action helps to ease muscle cramps and reduce discomfort by releasing endorphins.

Although designed particular for one kind of user, walk in Jacuzzi tubs can also be used in all types of homes. They understand that regardless of your age, it is important to combine quality and safety while ensuring your bathroom looks great and not institutional. Pacesetters like Jacuzzi, Inc. have taken this into account using the “universal design” concept, which allows your home to look great and function equally well for the old and young alike.